Price: 0.05 ETH


Welcome to the wolves den

Dire Wolves is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated NFT pieces. We thrive to bring utility and value to our holders. Join the pack and explore member-only events, the Wolves Den, Dire DAO & much more to come.

The possibilities are beyond comprehension, whilst all our wolves are unique and 1/1 pieces, a small handful of them are more special than the others. Who knows, there may be some wolves that lead the pack.

Only 2,000 unique wolves will ever exist, priced at 0.05 ETH each.

more about us

The wolves den

Wolves are pact based creatures, and all belong to the same home; The Wolves Den.

Similar to wolves, our community is built around the idea of wolves living in a pack: supporting & being able to rely on one another.

The main goal is to build a strong community, with a heavy focus on community enrichment and rewards for those that reside within.

10% of all the funds gathered from the initial sale of Dire Wolves will be allocated to the Dire DAO - where funds will be used for future endeavors and rewarding our loyal pack members.


As stunning as our Dire Wolves are, they are much more than just simple art pieces, or amazing profile pictures.

Dire Wolves are different to conventional NFT art. The main focus of the Dire Wolves project is to create as much utility and usability for its owners, making the wolves more than just art.

One of our goals is to bring the Wolves Den into the metaverse, but that's not the end of it. Breeding protocols will also be integrated, alongside exclusive Wolves Den member merch, as well as plenty of random airdrops and prizes sourced by Dire DAO.

Dire DAO

10% of the funds acquired from the initial Dire Wolves sale will be allocated towards Dire DAO. These funds will be controlled by the developers of Dire DAO, and will only be used for the enrichment of our community and to benefit the holders of wolves.

Dire DAO's focus is ensuring the constant growth of our community, whilst rewarding the holders of wolves passively.


The Dire Wolves team is planning to introduce a blockchain based game that brings further utility to our NFT's.

A blockchain based game where Dire Wolves owners can use their NFT in the game and earn tokens while playing the game.


Mountain (10%)

Superhero (1%)

None (10%)

White (7%)

Makeup (8%)

Rainbow (7%)

Cave (15%)

Pilot (9%)

Top Hat (7%)

Grey (11%)

Monocle (8%)

Mustache (10%)

City (7%)

None (35%)

Brain (7%)

Robot (4%)

Laser (1%)

Frown (10%)

Night (22%)

Suit (7%)

Halo (7%)

Tiger (7%)

Star (10%)

Drool (10%)

Dusk (11%)

Pilot (9%)

Beanie (10%)

Galaxy (1%)

Star (10%)

Bubblegum (10%)

Castle (5%)

None (35%)

Crown (2%)

Galaxy (1%)

Aviator (10%)

Cigarette (6%)

Road map


10 wolves airdropped back to the early supporters. A snapshot will be taken to record the early supporters.
There will be no pre-minting, we will buy alongside our users when the initial sale begins.


Introduction of the Wolves Den, exclusive club for Wolf holders. It's time for us to form a pack.


Formation of Dire DAO, 10% of all sales will be allocated to this wallet.
These funds will be used to ensure the enrichment of our community, and to benefit the holders of wolves.


Time for the pack to evolve. Bringing the Wolves Den into the metaverse.


It's officially the mating season, introduction of breeding.


Member exclusive merch release, and mystery airdrop for wolves holders.


Wolves will launch an independent NFT game where your NFT's can be used as your characters. Play to earn is now introduced to Wolves Den.