Due to recent events and the total supply being lowered to a maximum of 2000 Wolves, 5 legendaries never made it to be part of the pack. The founders have decided to distribute the remaining 5 legendaries amongst the community of the DireWolves project: our true supporters which hold their DireWolf NFT.

Below, you will be able to connect your MetaMask extension to our giveaway system and enter with the DireWolf-V2 tokens you own. One token means one entry and they cannot be used to enter multiple times.

If a DireWolf is chosen to be accompanied by one of the pack leaders, it will be transferred to the holder of the token at that time, meaning that if you enter the giveaway and sell your DireWolf, the legendary will be transferred to buyer.


Please connect your MetaMask at first. Once connected, the giveaway button will be shown, this will ask you to sign a message proving that you own this particular wallet and allows us to verify that on our end. After that, your entry will be processed by our server and all DireWolves-V2 tokens you own will be enterred into the giveaway.

The drawing process is as following: every DireWolf-V2 token represents one ticket in the raffle process, the server will decide who wins using a provably fair system by sending a transaction to the deployer wallet. The transaction will be mined and afterwards the hash of the block containing the transaction will be used to seed the randomizer which allows for offline replayability and full immutability on-chain.


0 total entries

0 eligible wolves



A DireWolf-V2 entry is per tokenId. If you decide to sell your DireWolf-V2 after putting it into the giveaway and it ends up winning, the current holder of that specific tokenId at the time of the giveaway drawing will be airdropped one of the legendaries.

The giveaway will be drawn 7 days after the giveaway goes live.


How does the giveaway drawing process work?
Upon drawing, we send a transaction to the deployer address from itself. Data inside the transaction will contain a sha256 hash of all of the entries (tokenIds, concatenated to one string), so for example sha256 hash of tokens 1-539-238-283-129. Once the transaction is mined, the hash of the transaction's block is taken and used as a randomization seed to select the winners. Below you will find a section to calculate the exact sha256 hash of all tokenId entries to match the hash in the transaction and you are be able to enter all entries + block hash and generate the same result as we do server side. This way, it is fully publically provably fair and immutable on-chain.